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71 Piece Combination Wrench & Socket Set

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71 Piece Combination Wrench & Socket Set

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Customer Reviews

  1. best designed tools ever Review by rick

    I was given this set by my boss, in 1997 who told me they were the best tools he had ever used . I laughed because i thought he was joking, he told me he was serious and to just try them. It did not take me long to see how great these tools were.I still have them 15 years later and i tell people they are the best tools i have ever used (Posted on 4/17/2012)

  2. Shinichi Review by Shinichi

    Review by Donald Becker for Rating: This tool is a great idea, but the B D version isn't a great tool.The pbrelom is that it attempts to fit both SAE and metric sizes. While there are a few sizes that are very close (19mm and 3/4 are within 1%, 16mm is about 5/8 ), most of the sizes are not. That means this wrench is sloppy on almost every fastener. The looseness combined with the flat six point sides puts pressure on just the tips, leading to rounded nuts and bolt heads.I still see the potential of this design. Craftsman has individual tools for metric and SAE, and I've put the metric one on my Christmas list to see if that version lives up to my hopes. (Posted on 3/31/2012)

  3. ffTtHovGMNvSPQdU Review by Valentina

    Review by David Craig for Rating: In my home shop, I have a variety of power tools that irquere height and tension adjustments and use machine bolts and screws for that purpose. I like a clutter free shop and sometimes the need to have a ratchet and a handful of sockets out is a bit annoying, this item helps alleviate that. As advertised and already listed, this wrench has 16 of the most frequent socket sizes installed on one hand tool. I can dial the socket size I need and not have to frequently pull out a socket set. I do work on my lawnmower and I also take apart, store, and pull back out furniture items that use nuts and bolts also. Would I say that this one tool would replace a mechanic's tool set? No, probably not. But it does make life a little easier for me. If I need to perform any car repair, I do have my ratchet sets. If I am under the car and in difficult spots under the hood, a ratchet still is the best choice. It may ,however, be quite useful as a breaker bar. Special items to note -1. The sockets are 6 point and not the cheaper 12 point versions. For those that are unfamiliar with the difference, professionals will use 6 point sockets because they have less of a tendency to round over bolts. 12 point sockets can do a lot of damage to a bolt when applied with too much torque. I am pleased they went with the higher end sockets.2. This tool, in most situations, will reduce the need for deep sockets and will reduce the amount of times you need to use a wrench instead of a socket. Sometimes bolts are long and when you attempt to use a socket, the socket is too short to fit over the bolt. I run into this when assembling and disassembling my kitchen table. I have to use a wrench because the socket bottoms out on the bolt before touching the nut. The way this is designed, the bolt (most times) could slide through the socket on the opposite side, allowing the socket to grip the nut firmly. 3. Only complaint of this tool (and not really a large one) is that the 45 and 90 degree stops for the sockets do not lock. There is a stop for the angles, but not a full locking mechanism. During high torque situations, this might make for more tricky situations. This is where the choice of using 6 point, rather than 12 point sockets is a large factor. (Posted on 3/31/2012)

  4. This is the best tool set I have ever used! Review by Lou

    I got this set back in 1999 after I had been on a disaster relief mission after Hurricane Floyd hit us hard. We did not have a basic tool set with us and I needed to replace a starter relay on a one-ton truck. I managed with a pair of pliers, but proper tools would have been a lot better! I vowed I would not go on another deployment without real tools~ Rather than carry my main set [with a lot more tools!], I have carried this set in my car and on every trip. It has baled me out of many tight spots and kept us on track, serving food to people that had lost the ability to fix their own food or rehabbing a couple of houses in Gulfport MS. It is compact and has almost any tool you might need for mechanical work. Add in my battery power set and we were set to make it happen to the good. (Posted on 5/9/2010)

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