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62 Piece Combination Wrench & Socket Set

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62 Piece Combination Wrench & Socket Set

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Customer Reviews


    I've had this set since the day it came out 20 or so years ago and I still use it on a regular basis still when the more expensive stuff can't get the job done! (Posted on 3/31/2017)

  2. In use weekly Review by Terry

    I bought the set from one of those late night infomercials almost 20 years ago. Best tool value I have ever purchased. They were used daily at work until I retired in 2001.
    The set is now at home and is my go to choice when I need a hand tool for nuts or bolts.
    The only complaint is one of the latching tabs finally broke off the case so you have to be careful when picking up so you don't dump the whole set!
    The construction and especially the plating is superior to other similar products and my old set looks as good as new.
    Thank you for an excellent product. (Posted on 2/26/2017)

  3. Shipbuilders Approved - More Capability, Less Weight Review by Regularguy

    As a Journeyman Electrician hired at Ingalls Shipbuilding in 1999 I was required to have a basic set of tools for both metric and SAE sizes and carry those tools everyday around the ship and the yard.

    I brought my Metrinch tool set and the company was elated because this provided more capabilities at less weight to carry around the shipyard. Shipbuilding is tough work and highly demanding as the warships are huge and electricians are constantly on the move.

    I use my Metrinch tool set on the job, motorcycles and traveling in her car - these tools have never let me down like previous tool sets in the past. A great gift for our son.

    Continued success -

    Regularguy (Posted on 12/18/2016)

  4. good main set, ratchet and bits are garbage Review by Master_irrigator

    I got this set around 1998 for working on my own vehicles and purchased it for around $100. i think I only have about 3 of the 14 bits left that have not broken, so they are cheap, the ratchet broke so i replaced it with a husky, the driver handle combo 1/4 drive extension broke in half on me, but all of the sockets and wrenches have held up. I have had friends complain that there is too much slack when ratcheting and it is semi-true, but you cannot beat the versatility of this set without pulling out a much larger set. My case also has a broken latch now as well. I even used this set while working as a mechanic for a few months. It is definitely high priced now and replacing parts is insanely expensive, but Every vehicle on earth should come with this. I just cannot see spending another $1,000 for a set for each of my other 5 vehicles.
    I am going to order the replacement case and bits, and then a new 76 piece set so i have some larger sockets like this. and i will keep it in one of my trucks.
    I could use any set of bits for much less money, but they would not lock in as easily or be stored in the matching case. (Posted on 11/3/2016)

  5. The best Review by Ruf man

    I have been using these tools since the 90's and there the best, I won't travel without them, what a great product!!!! (Posted on 8/29/2016)

  6. Best tool set I ever purchased Review by Bill

    I have had a 62 piece set for over 25 years ( purchased from a tv.) and the set is indestructible and has every size I ever needed. The only part of the set that I destroyed from use were the locking tabs on the case. I am now purchasing a new case. This company made a quality product that you can hand down to your grandchildren.
    Thank you to the engineers who designed this product!! (Posted on 7/24/2016)

  7. Moe, Larry, CHEESE Review by Reed Mi Review

    Short and sweet... Got my 62 pc kit from Sears about 24 years ago for around $40.. LOVE IT TO DEATH. Best set ever!!! Recently lost my 10mm 3/8 socket in my car's engine bay. Looked all over eBay for a used one with no luck, so now I gotta spring $20. and buy it here.... bummer, but it's worth it.

    A great f'n set of sockets and spanners. Ratchet wrench was replaced with a sexy Craftsman 20 years ago. Case hinges broke on year one, so I screwed on metal hinges and front closure hooks. Works great. (Posted on 7/20/2016)

  8. Best set I've ever owned Review by Bubba1083

    After 20 years my ratchet just broke...of course I was over doing it (cheater bar) so I don't blame the tool at all.
    Anyway, this set has been the best tool set I've ever purchased. It works on SAE or Metric and has never let me down.
    I'm getting a replacement for the ratchet because I'm definitely a believer.
    Thanks Metrinch!!! (Posted on 9/14/2015)

  9. Awesome! Best socket set I have ever bought Review by Stevie B.

    I too got these in the late 90's after seeing the late night infomercials. Also bought them at sear's :). I was skeptical but I needed a set of tools that was light and easy to carry in and out of junk yards. All my mechanic buddies were laughing at first, but soon they were asking to borrow them. Ha ha, sorry sucker! You can pack your 90 pound tool box in and out. I have used them for everything and throughout the years I lost a few sockets and the ratchet, plus one of the locks broke on the case but it is still going strong. Since some of the most used sockets were gone I had put it up on the shelf and forgot about it until tonight. My neighbor had to get his battery out of his truck and couldn't find a socket to fit the hold down nut. We tried every size regular socket in the drawer and then I remembered the metrinch! I got it out and sure enough we got the battery out with the 9mm-11/32's socket with no problems. Now I am searching the web for replacements for the missing sockets as I have a renewed love for this product once again. Yes its a little pricey but you will have it forever so its well worth it. It cant do everything, but it can do most things so its really a good deal. (Posted on 8/18/2015)

  10. Best buy I ever made Review by Ron

    I have had a Metrinch Set for over ten years. I have used it extensively at home, on vacations and most recently in my new apartment: setting up shelves, fixing my truck and miriad other times. I finally broke an extention which was replaced within a week. It is the best buy I ever made. (Posted on 5/16/2015)

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